Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Sergey Gorshkov and Maxim Miroshnichenko Multi-viewpoint ontologies for decision-making support
Anton Anikin, Dmitry Litovkin, Marina Kultsova and Elena Sarkisova An Ontology-based Collaborative Development of Domain Information Space for Learning and Scientific Research
Ilya Paramonov, Ksenia Lagutina, Eldar Mamedov and Nadezhda Lagutina Thesaurus-based Method of Increasing Text-via-Keyphrase Graph Connectivity during Keyphrase Extraction for e-Tourism Applications
Erdem Emekligil, Secil Arslan and Onur Agin A bank information extraction system based on Named Entity Recognition with CRFs from noisy customer order texts in Turkish
Ricardo Usbeck, Michael Röder, Peter Haase and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo Designing modern enterprise search systems: the DIESEL case
Miguel Alves, Carlos Viegas Damásio and Nuno Correia RDF query and inference in Prolog
Eugene Cherny, Johan Lilius, Johannes Brusila, Gleb Rogozinsky and Dmitry Mouromtsev An approach for structuring sound sample libraries using ontology
Ivan Kozhevnikov and Vladimir Gorovoy Comparison of different approaches for hotels deduplication
Elena Tutubalina Identifying Product Failures from Reviews using Noisy Data and Distant Supervision
Mirette Elias, Steffen Lohmann and Sören Auer Fostering Accessibility for OpenCourseWare with Semantic Technologies
Panagiotis Mitzias, Marina Riga, Efstratios Kontopoulos, Thanos Stavropoulos, Stelios Andreadis, Georgios Meditskos and Yiannis Kompatsiaris User-driven Ontology Population from Linked Data Sources
Francesco Gargiulo and Flora Amato Nearest queries on distributed binary trees starting from a random node
Irina Akhmadeeva, Yury Zagorulko and Dmitry Mouromtsev Ontology-based information extraction for populating Intelligent Scientific Internet Resources
Gilles Louppe, Hussein Al-Natsheh, Mateusz Susik and Eamonn Maguire Ethnicity sensitive author disambiguation using semi-supervised learning
Javed Ahmed Privacy in Online Social Networks: An Ontological Model for Self-Presentation
Rima Kilany and Maria Sokhn Towards flexible K-anonymity
Ricardo Eito-Brun Design of an Ontologies for the exchange of Software Engineering data in the Aerospace Industry

Short Papers

Masaharu Hirota, Keisuke Saeki, Yo Ehara and Hiroshi Ishikawa Live or Stay?: Classifying Twitter Users into Residents and Visitors
Jana Ahmad and Petr Kremen Ontological Anti-patterns in Aviation Safety Event Models
Artem Kuznetsov, Pavel Braslavski and Vladimir Ivanov Family matters: company relations extraction from Wikipedia
Aliya Nugumanova, Igor Bessmertny, Yerzhan Baiburin and Madina Mansurova A new operationalization of contrastive term extraction approach based on recognition of both representative and specific terms
Peter Vittek, Andrej Lališ, Slobodan Stojić and Vladimír Plos Challenges of implementation and practical deployment of aviation safety knowledge management software
Maksim Hegai, Dmitrii Zubok, Aleksandr Maiatin and Tatiana Kharchenko Ontology for Performance Control in Service-Oriented System with Composite Services
Nataly Zhukova, Mikhail Lushnov, Vyacheslav Kudashov, Maxim Lapaev and Denis Korobov Medical knowledge representation for evaluation of patient’s state using complex indicators
Miloš Chaloupka and Martin Nečaský Efficient SPARQL to SQL translation with user defined mapping
Andréa Corrêa Flôres Albuquerque, Jose Laurindo Campos Dos Santos and Alberto Castro Elicitation Taxonomy for Acquiring Biodiversity Knowledge
Marek Krótkiewicz, Krystian Wojtkiewicz, Marcin Jodłowiec and Waldemar Pokuta Semantic Knowledge Base: Quantiers and Multiplicity in Extended Semantic Networks Module